Mercy, Life in the Season of Dying

Over the years, Peter Roebbelen has had the painful privilege of walking with too many friends as they prepared to die. His journey with them has been intensely personal and altogether unsafe. As he grieved and reflected on their deaths, what began to take shape were insights into living. Surprisingly, God was still bestowing gifts of life upon his friends in their seasons of dying and on many occasions the dying were living better than he was – they were more fully alive, more fully present, more keenly aware of what was important and what was needed. This book is filled with their stories, their wisdom and their tears.

There are many helpful books about the dying process and about coping with loss and what to expect as one journeys through grief. This is not one of those books. Faced with the certainty of death, Mercy reveals the possibility of new life.

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Peter Roebbelen

Upon graduating with a Master of Science in Forestry, Peter was enjoying life as a Research Scientist with the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources. Being a pastor was not part of his life plan. With great patience and persistence, God changed Peter’s heart and his vocational calling. For over 30 years, he has served in three churches in Oakville, Ontario, Canada: Chartwell, The Sanctuary and ClearView.

Peter’s passion is to see people actively engaged in the journey of becoming more human – of becoming the people God intended us to be all along.

For the last six years, Peter has had the privilege of serving as the President of The Charis Foundation, an organization that seeks to participate in the coming of God’s kingdom to every sphere and sector of this world. The Foundation’s desire is to see all of God’s creation move from suffering to flourishing.

Peter is very happily married to Sharon and together they have two adult daughters, Erica and Julia. Peter enjoys being outdoors as much as possible. Particular interests include running, golfing, reading, international travel, snorkeling and warm weather vacations with his family.


Peter would be pleased to receive your stories, thoughts, comments or questions about finding life in the season of dying.